Welcome aboard the
Santa Barbara Anna!

Experience maritime tradition

SANTA BARBARA ANNA is a traditionally rigged three-mast topsail schooner. It is run by a non-profit association committed to the tall ship tradition and the preservation of historic maritime customs. The association's members are passionate about what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. Their main focus, however, is on keeping traditional seamanship alive and passing this knowledge on to future generations. A large amount of voluntary work goes into keeping the vessel seaworthy and available for others to enjoy.

This work enables you to discover sailing aboard a tall ship during sailing trips of one ore more days. Along you will be part of our efforts to keep maritime history alive. Whether you like to be an curious observer or active trainee - you will enrich your knowledge with sailing works, terms & tradition on a tall ship!

Our ship:

Three-mast topsail schooner SANTA BARBARA ANNA

News from the ship

Jahresabschluss 2023
Stadt Rostock unterstützt Bramschot e.V.

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